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The Danceworkshop Ga'aton

Artistic Directors : Einav Levy and Yaniv Abraham

  The Danceworkshop Ga'aton, works under the Regional Council Matte Asher, was founded in 1977 by Mrs. Yehudith Arnon , may    she rest in peace , with th aim of preparing graduates to become dancers in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC).    Yehudith , a holocaust survivor , was the winner of the ISPA Prize in 1997 and the Israel Prize in 1998. In 1996 Einav Levy , a former dancer and rehearsal director for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, became the co-director of the DanceWorkshop Ga'aton Alongside Yehudith. In 2006, Einav became the artistic director of the school and in 2011 Yaniv Abraham, a former Bat-Sheva dancer and Danceworkshop Ga'aton graduate, joined Einav as co-artistic director. Together they bring new approaches to the well-known and long-standing intensive dance program.

The Danceworkshop Ga'aton is located in Kibbutz Ga'aton alongside the Kibbutz Conteporary Dance Company (KCDC). Many DanceWorkshop Ga'aton graduates are currently dancers, choreographers, and teachers, in Israel and abroad .


The Danceworkshop Ga'aton aims to prepare students to become proffesional dancers in a two year program. Through intensive study students are educated in various ways according to their individual ability , skills and preferences. The students progress with regards to their personal level of motivation and ability to persevere.


The program includes: Ballet Technique , Modern Dance Technique , Gaga Repertoire , Composition , Physical Awareness and Contact-Improvisation. The DanceWorkshop Ga'aton acts as a playground for creativity and personal growth. Each year , well-known choreographers and young creators are invited to work with the students , exposing them to variety within today's contemporary dance world. During their studies , students have many opportunities to perform both in studio showings and in larger venues.


The school year begins in September , ends in June and is divided into 3 semesters. There is a one to two week vacation following each semester and 2 months of summer vacation at the end of the school year.
Days of study : Sunday through Thursday 9am to 4pm each day. In the evening studios are available for individual work and rehearsals.


Auditions take place on kibbutz Ga'aton in April each year. The audition includes classes in ballet and modern Technique , repertoire , improvisation and concludes with an interview with the program directors. Students from the age of 18 with dance background , who have a strong desire to dance and the will to work intensively are considered viable candidates for acceptance.


The students live in rented rooms on Kibbutz Ga'aton. Living in close proximity to the school allows students to fully dedicate themselves to the intensive and demanding dance program.

Kibbutz Ga'aton Western Galilee 25130 Israel, Tel: +972-4-9858437, 9859868

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